An Early Stage B2B Fund

We are capital that cares. With our active network, we support each of our founders in achieving their vision, even when things don’t go quite as planned.

How we differ from other early stage VCs:

The Vitalize platform model enhances our
resources & scale.
We have a national footprint with three locations.
Our team brings diverse perspectives to the table.
Data shows that we truly add value to our portcos.
During our fundraising process, Gale at Vitalize provided the best intros with the highest follow through. When working with their team, it never feels like they give you an answer just to have one. They’re available to work on the deep and strategic issues while not being micromanagers. I recommend the team often to other founders.
Tomás Puig
Founder & CEO of Alembic

Portfolio Companies

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© 2020 VitalizeVC
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