We are proud of all of our active and exited portfolio companies.


    Enklu is an augmented reality cloud for developing and publishing experiences.

  • Exited

    OverWatchID helps organizations prevent data breaches with its Identity Security Platform.

  • Jurny

    Jurny transforms vacant units into fully furnished, completely automated and branded units.

  • Alembic

    Alembic is air traffic control for your marketing systems and channels.

  • Genomenon

    The world’s most comprehensive source of genomic evidence.

  • Pattern89

    Pattern89 transforms paid social with data science to improve ad performance.

  • Vagabond Vending

    Technology platform for the vending industry.

  • Coolfire

    Mobile software developer for government and large-scale enterprises for situational awareness solutions.

  • Survata

    A Brand Intelligence platform measuring brand impact and consumer behaviors.

  • Placer

    Placer provides visibility into consumer foot-traffic to help grow your business.

  • The Mom Project

    Talent marketplace connecting employers with a network of educated professional women.

  • myCOI

    myCOI is a software platform that manages certificates of insurance for businesses.

  • MarginEdge

    Increasing restaurant profits through advanced food and beverage tracking and analytics.

  • ShotTracker

    Real-time tracking of basketball shot attempts, makes, misses, and other stats.

  • Elevate K-12

    Live online group instruction classes in schools.

  • WeeCare

    Find trusted in-home preschools and daycares you'll love.

  • AllVoices

    AllVoices provides a completely safe, anonymous way for people to report issues...

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