30+ Resources for Funding Your Startup

30+ Resources for Funding Your Startup

30+ of the best resources for funding your startup - from finding investors to colds emails to upgrading your pitch deck and more.

Funding your startup is challenging and at VITALIZE Venture Capital we want to make it easier.

We've put together some of the best resources We've found to help you raise capital for your startup - Twitter threads, articles, investor lists and everything in between.

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Resources for Finding Investors

Signal by nfx

This funding resource includes :

  • Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, Series B
  • Investors by location
  • Angels, scouts, and solo-capitalists
  • 80 different categories

Angel Directory by First Round Capital

This resource lets you search by:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Support areas
  • Check size
  • Company stages
  • Categories

600 US Women Angel Investors by Lolita Taub

This funding resource includes:

  • Name and organization
  • Description and job title
  • Investment stage
  • Twitter profile
  • Number of investments + exits

The No-Warm-Intro-Required Investor List by Yuliya Bel

This funding resource includes:

  • Airtable database
  • 300 investors
  • No contact info included (Find emails with https://hunter.io or Twitter DM)

OpenVC by Steph Nass

This funding resource includes:

  • Target countries
  • Check size
  • Funding stage
  • Funding requirements

Active Investors by Hustle Fund

The Active Investor List by Trace Cohen

This funding resource includes:

  • 400 investors
  • Name, email, check size, area of focus

The Gen Z VC Community by Meagan Loyst

Gen Z VC is a global collective of 14,000+ Gen Z:

  • VCs
  • Founders
  • Angel investors
  • Startup enthusiasts
  • Aspiring VCs

The Ultimate List of 750+ Seed Funds by Matt Estes

This funding resource includes:

  • Name
  • Sectors
  • LinkedIn
  • Website
  • Crunchbase

Commonapp.VC by Confluence.VC

Created by:

They help your startup get seen by a community of investors.

20+ VC Funds Focused on Writing Checks to Diverse Founders by Nicole DeTommaso

50+ Investors and Funds for Female Founders by Lana Weal

This funding resource includes:

  • Airtable database
  • 50+ investors
  • Name, location, founder/s, area of focus, website, portfolio

1,000+ Woman VCs by Christoph Janz

A list of investors worth following on Twitter

Resources for Connecting with Investors

The Startup-Investor Matching Tool by Lolita Taub

  • 3.7K+ intros made between startups and investors since May 2020
  • Post intros, they've heard of 51 checks written, totaling $7 Million

A Cold Email Format by Gale Wilkinson

Better Cold Emails to Raise Funding by Sahil Bloom

This thread below by Sahil Bloom for cold outreach includes details on:

  • High-conversion subject line
  • Personalized opener
  • Concise pitch
  • Social proof
  • Simple closing CTA

5-Step Process for Writing a Cold Email by Luke Sophinos

This thread below by Luke Sophinos for cold outreach includes details on:

  • High-conversion subject line
  • Preparation before writing
  • Parts of a cold email and samples for each
  • Scheme in sending by batches
  • Including a pitch deck and a sample

Securing a Response from a Cold Email by Justin Gordon

Responses to the tweet below from Angels and VCs should serve as pointers to observe when doing cold outreach:

Resources for Improving Your Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck Hunt by Maximilian Fleitmann

This funding resource includes decks from:

  • Shopify
  • AirBnb
  • Uber
  • Coinbase

And many more!

Pitch deck examples by BestPitchDecks.com

This funding resource includes templates, inspiration and decks from:

  • Spotify
  • Super by Meta
  • Party Round
  • Bubble

And many more!

Ultimate Pitch Deck Template by VIP Graphics

This funding resource includes all-in-1 compilation of all of their pitch deck templates used by companies such as:

  • Airbnb
  • Snapchat
  • Pepsico
  • iFit

And many more!

Resources for Evaluating Investors

Vet Potential VCs With This Questionnaire by Underscore VC

This article by Underscore VC is a questionnaire about:

  • The Investor
  • The Fund
  • How They Support Founders
  • Investment Terms

Crowdsourced Responses for Vetting Investors by Justin Gordon

Alternative Funding Sources

The Non-Dilutive Funding Toolkit by Alex Macdonald

This funding resource includes info on:

  • Grants
  • Credit cards
  • R & D tax credits
  • Revenue-based financing
  • Term loans & credit facilities

How to Get Funding For Your Startup That’s *Not* Venture Capital by Miki Reynolds and Gefen Skolnick

This Medium article includes a ton of resources for funding your startup including:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Angel Investors
  • Grants
  • Small Bank Loans
  • Pitch Competitions

And more!

Alternative Funding Options by Justin Gordon

A few of the top replies to the tweet below:

Additional Funding Resources

How to Raise a Seed Round by Elizabeth Yin

This funding resource includes:

  • Strategy
  • Preparation
  • Meeting with and closing investors

1,128 Meetings to Raise the First $3M by Mac Conwell

Mac, the Managing Partner at Rarebreed Ventures, took 1,128 meetings to raise the first $3M for his fund.

In his Medium article, he shares just how he did it.

Raising Capital in B2B Marketplaces by Julia Morrongiello

Julia, an investor at Point Nine Capital, shares a detailed breakdown of The B2B Marketplace Funding Napkin in 2021.

Still highly relevant and useful in 2022!

$18B Fundraising Wisdom by First Round

After raising over 1,000 rounds and $18 billion in follow-on funding, First Round shares in this article elaborate points with comprehensive strategies and tips on how they made it happen.

A Guide to Seed Fundraising by Geoff Ralston

Geoff Ralston, President of YCombinator got down into the nitty-gritty of seed fund raising and gave details on:

  • Why Raise Money
  • When to Raise Money
  • How Much to Raise?
  • Financing Options

And more!

A Crowdsourced List of Fundraising Resources by Justin Gordon

The replies to the tweet below include:

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Communities
  • People to follow

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Fundraising is challenging, but we hope these resources have been helpful in making it just a little easier!

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