Our Values

Here’s what you can expect from our team at VITALIZE:

We are real, and we will tell you the truth. – We believe in honest, straightforward, and clear communication. Founders always know where they stand in our process.

We believe VC is a people-first business. We embody a “customer comes first” mindset when working with founders and investors.

We value a well-run process. Despite being a small team, we have a very strong back-office setup. We are organized and efficient.

Diversity is not a nice to have - it's good business sense. – A multitude of backgrounds and ideas ensures the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders.

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About VITALIZE Venture Capital

VITALIZE invests in WorkTech: people-first, data-driven, really big ideas that transform work today. We invest in B2B and B2B2C software companies incorporated in the US. We do not invest in hardware or DTC businesses.

VITALIZE was formed in 2018 as a $16M seed-stage venture fund and now includes both a $23M fund II as well as a 500+ member angel investing community open to everyone. Our community approach allows us to add value through our active, diverse network of investors & advisors. The VITALIZE team is located in Chicago, Madison, Los Angeles, and New York.

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We believe people always come first. From our investors to team members to the founders we fund, we are focused on building a community of amazing people.

Venture capital is a relationship business, and one of our core differentiators is how we leverage our extensive network to provide value to our portfolio companies. We make valuable connections for our companies, mostly to prospective customers and other VC firms, but we field all types of requests to help our portfolio companies flourish.

As founders ourselves, we have learned a lot from building this investment firm. We have implemented effective processes for deal flow, due diligence, and helping our companies post-investment, allowing us to move quickly and offer a high-quality product to founders and investors.

Investment Process

Our investment approach is informed by a decade of experience. Most importantly, we believe in a transparent process. When you speak with a member of our team, you will always know where things stand. If your company doesn’t fit our criteria, we will let you know why. For those companies that do fit our criteria, we will have one to two meetings, and then we’ll quickly jump into due diligence. Finally, our investment committee will vote on whether or not to move forward. This process can be done in as little as a week and sometimes takes up to two months, depending on how a company’s round is coming together.

Our fund writes initial checks of $250K to $750K. We do NOT reserve capital for follow-on funding; however, we can offer follow-on capital via an SPV to portfolio companies with strong growth metrics. Our angel community writes checks of $50K to $200K and does not typically deploy follow-on capital. Please see below for the criteria we look for in prospective portfolio companies.

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What We Look For

We don’t invest in tools, apps, or features, as we are focused on the future of work in a bigger way. We define WorkTech as people-first, data-driven, category-defining businesses in future of work software.

This includes enterprise software that dramatically improves work outcomes (so this includes a lot of B2B software, but only those with HUGE market sizes!), HR tech (next generation hiring models, new l&d/skilling platforms, and people engagement/retention/analytics solutions), and infrastructure to support the growing freelance economy.

We invest in B2B + B2B2C software deals incorporated in the US. The table below outlines additional criteria:

Company StageCompleted product, strong customer intent and/or insights if pre-revenueCompleted product, early customer revenues (Typically $250K+ ARR)
Initial Investment RoundPre-SeedSeed
Round Size$500K – $2M$2M – $5M
Our Check Size$50K – $200K$250K – $750K
Post-Money Valuation< $15M< $25M
Typical Round StructureSAFEPriced Round
Geo / Corporate StatusUS, Delaware c-corpUS, Delaware c-corp
Age of Startup< 2 yrs< 3yrs
Founder Equity Prior to Raise80%+65%+
Return Potential30x+ CoC30x+ CoC

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