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About VITALIZE Venture Capital

VITALIZE is an early stage VC firm that was founded in 2018. Fund 1 ($16.3M) is fully deployed with 26 portfolio companies, including The Mom Project, Elevate K-12, and VITALIZE currently invests out of a $23.4M Fund 2 as well as a 500+ member angel group. To date, VITALIZE has invested $25M across 45 companies.

The firm’s investment focus is WorkTech, defined as b2b software that revolutionizes workflows and/or work outcomes, data-driven HR technology (hiring, learning & development, employee engagement), and infrastructure for the growing freelance economy.

VITALIZE’s fund invests $250K to $750K at the seed stage, which means founders are raising $2-5M and typically have $250K+ of annually recurring revenue. Fund 2 companies include Groundfloor, SquarePeg Hires, Sparkwise, and Stylo. When WorkTech deals seem promising but are a bit early for the fund, VITALIZE Angels (VA) can take a look. To date, VA has invested in 14 deals and deployed just over a million dollars. The team is very proud to have created an inclusive angel group that allows anyone to invest. Hundreds of angels have written their first checks, which can be as low as $1K, into VA deals. By reducing barriers to entry with minimal fees and lower minimum investment amounts, VITALIZE has created a very diverse group that founders love so much some even carve out space specifically to get access to the VA network.


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